I am S B Roy..although, I have been following your guidelines through Whatsapp group, I listened to your talk today on the occasion of navaratree. It was a rare saintly scientific discourse. You are simply adorable human serving thousands..

I and my wife have benefitted immensely..unbelievably.

I have started practicing your guidelines ..taking warm water to begin with at 9.30 am..then green juice..and then first meal with fruits and Indian style Roti, sabji. .Lunch..and dinner all PBWF..No sugar, non veg or dairy and no fried food. And some exercise..I can not walk as I am on wheelchair...

Amazing benefits.

I had COPD..now not using inhaler..

Stopped BP pills..my BP below 150/ 75..

Stopped Diabetic pills..

My sugar is in 120-160 range.

My wife has benefitted..but still on some reduced medication..

. Could not believe that one can get rid of medicine for BP and diabetes..



13.21 Dr. Dinesh Bhuva

I would like to thank Mr Lalit Kapoor for a fantastic service to all of us.

I am a 74 year old Physician who got introduced to LMK Make My Health at a lunch party on June 7, 2021. I watched Fork over Knives that evening and a paradigm shift occurred.

I have had Type2 Diabetes for over 30 years together with high Cholesterol and Hypertension my physicians called it a metabolic syndrome. I was 209 lbs on June 9th 2021 and today (Aug’21), I Am 188 lbs by following PBWF diet. My average BS used to be 153 last 2 weeks it is 88. I stopped all 10 meds I used to take for last 25 years and my BP and BS are normal. I was repeatedly told you cannot reverse DIabetes.

I was a vegetarian foodie, and all I did is stop sugar, oils, and milk products (I used to take 1 pint of yogurt in the false belief that it was a good source of proteins My MD put me on premier protein 34 grams to control my appetite.) I have stopped all of these along with my meds.

I feel alive, ENERGISED and vibrant !

I followed all the instructions given by LMK , became a Vegan, Intermittent faster, I am eating a lot more fruits and green veggies, berries and fruits supplemented by nuts and seeds. I found juicing to be tedious so I found cold pressed Suja Mighty Dozen Juice which has 12 green veggies. It served me well on my vacation.

Thanks for giving me a miraculous new Med Free life .

My EARNEST HOPE is that this Life Style change is SUSTAINABLE !

I have sent your link to all my family members as we all have DM 2 and CAD.

Your style of education and references are outstanding and CONVINCING!



Lalit Kapoor: When people ask me about a particular marker of health that I have not heard before, my response is that “when body heals everything heals”. Today I received a testimonial from a member who has been following me for three months. Her bone health markers improved way beyond her doctor’s expectations.

Varsha Joshi: I want to share my experience, for last few years my cholesterol & Triglyceride were going up & up last year my cholesterol was 241 my triglyceride was 151 my doctor wanted me to take medicine but I told her to just wait some time, after going on Green Juice & diet change & IF with experience for just three months my cholesterol is 185, triglyceride is 98 and the other miracle number is CTX (C Telopeptide) which is to measure the bone turnover process, I had to do dental implants & I had major Osteoporosis & I took one dose of Prolia injection for osteoporosis treatment (I stoped that after one dose only but damage was done) which caused lower jaw bone go more weak so my dentist wanted to see my CTX number last year it was only 87 so he said it has to be 150 or over for him to feel comfortable to do implant and after following Lalitji’s program for three months only the CTX number is miraculously increased up to 449 I just can not believe my eyes when I read this number cuz dentist told me it should increase by 10 points a month after I stopped Prolia but this number exceed everyone’s expectations. I just wanted to share this to keep enthusiasms going to stay on this program. Thank you Lalitji